100 Cal

Try our new 100 Cal snack packs!

Say hello to our new Sunbeam 100 Cal snack pack range. The perfect cure to an afternoon craving, each pack is portioned to less than 100 calories for a guilt free snack. Almond & Cashew and Superberry are available now at both Coles and Woolworths.

EVERYDAY GOURMET with Justine Schofield

Exciting news! Sunbeam products will feature on Network TEN's, Everyday Gourmet hosted by Justine Schofield, Masterchef season 1 contestant.

Everyday Gourmet is a daily cooking show that features cooking tips, tricks and insights to help you become more confident in the kitchen. The television series will feature our products in a variety of delicious and exciting recipes throughout the season by Justine and her guests.

We are excited to see our products being used by people who are as passionate about quality. produce as we are.

Everyday Gourmet will screen on TEN each weekday at 3.30pm, commencing on 22nd April.

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