Fruit Mince

PREP: 15 MIN | COOK: 5 MIN | MAKES: 1 Litre

What you’ll need…

1 CUP (150g) Sunbeam Currants 

2 CUPS (300g) Sunbeam Mixed Fruit 

½ CUP (80g) Angas Park Apricots, diced 

1 CUP (140g) Angas Park Cranberries 

⅓ CUP (55g) Angas Park Mixed Peel 

370g Apricot Jam 

1 CUP (250ml) Spiced Rum 

2 tsp Mixed Spice


Mix all the ingredients in a medium saucepan on medium heat until combined and the fruit has been coated with the rum & jam. Approx 5 min. 

Place into a sterilised 1 litre jar and store in a cool dark dry place to macerate for as long as you can before using. 

This fruit mince made ahead can be used for so many great Sunbeam Recipes!