Chocolate Ripple Christmas Wreath

PREP: 15 MINS + overnight refrigeration | SERVES: 8

What you’ll need…

1L thickened cream

40 Chocolate Ripple biscuits (you will need two packets)

To decorate: 

Sunbeam Sultanas

Sunbeam Multi Glacé Cherries

Sunbeam Flaked Almonds

Angas Park Fruit Medley

Angas Park Cranberries

Angas Park Blueberries, 


You will need to begin this recipe the night before

Whip the cream to soft peaks. 

Spread a few tablespoons of whipped cream onto the base of a 26-28cm round serving plate.  This will stop your wreath from sliding around.

Dollop 1 flat tbsp of whipped cream onto a biscuit and top with another biscuit.  Repeat until you have a stack of 5 biscuits, the top biscuit should not have any cream on top.

Repeat to make 8 stacks of biscuits.

On the prepared serving plate, arrange the biscuit stacks into a wreath shape.  Spread the entire biscuit wreath with just enough whipped cream to ensure the biscuits are covered on top and around the sides.  Refrigerate overnight, reserving remaining whipped cream.

When ready to serve, spread remaining whipped cream around the wreath.  Decorate with dried fruit and nuts.