Easter Chocolate Bark

PREP: 10 MINS | SET: 30 MIN | MAKES: Tray

What you’ll need…

400g baking milk chocolate

200g baking white chocolate

80g Sunbeam mixed fruit

Pink food colouring

Purple food colouring

Choc mini eggs, marshmallow bunnies, choc bunnies, mixed sprinkles of choice


Grease and line a standard baking tray. Set aside.

Place each chocolate flavour in separate bowls. Microwave each bowl in 20 second bursts, stirring in between, until melted.

Divide the white chocolate into 3 separate bowls. Add a few drops of pink colouring to one and stir.

Add a few drops of purple colouring to the second bowl and stir.

Pour the milk chocolate into prepared tray, tilting the tray until the whole base is covered.

Spoon each of the coloured and plain white chocolate onto different spots on the chocolate. Sprinkle with Sunbeam mixed fruit.

Using a skewer, make swirls in the chocolate to create a marble effect. Decorate with chosen sprinkles and cool to set.

Cut or break up chocolate to serve. Great as a gift too!